RESprotect History at a Glance
2000 RESprotect founded as a Fraunhofer-Society spin-off.
2001 Start of the development of RP101 as a cancer therapeutic.
2002 Start of the development of next generation product candidates.
2004 Excellent results in a clinical pilot study led to out-licensing of the North-American rights of the company's first drug RP101 to Avantogen Ltd./Los Angeles.
2007 Excellent results in a second clinical study led to transfer of the North-American rights of RP101 to SciClone Pharmaceuticals, USA
2008 Out-licensing of the Korean rights of RP101 to Kwang Dong Pharmaceuticals/Seoul, South Korea.
2007-2009 Phase II double blind study with pancreatic cancer patients.
2008 Hsp27 confirmed as the novel and unique target of RP101.
2010 Orphan Drug status for RP101, SME status for RESprotect.
2011 RESprotect received back the North-America rights for RP101 from SciClone Pharmaceuticals and is currently aiming for strategic partnerships to develop and market RP101 and its next generation product candidates on a worldwide basis.